VXi X100 CC-P USB Adapter

VXi X100 CC-P USB Adapter

VXi X100 CC-P USB Adapter

For most sound-based applications, the X100 has all the features you'll need.

USB cord with NO inline mute and volume controls. Compatible with Passport G, Tria G & GN Jabra headsets For applications where voice quality is critical, such as VoIP, speech recognition and softphone, our X100 and X200 USB adapters are the sound choice. Together with your existing professional headsets, the X100 and X200 deliver audio performance on your computer that's equal to better than traditional phone systems.



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1 year




Wideband audio for rich, natural sounding conversations. Easy plug-and-play set-up: no drivers to install, no downtime or technical support needed. Sleek, lightweight design for easy transport from office to home. Compatible with VXi, Plantronics, and GN Netcom - Jabra headsets. Compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems.