VXi VoxStar UC Headset

VXi VoxStar UC Headset

VXi VoxStar UC Headset

VoxStar is the best solution for the business road warrior in an increasingly mobile and noisy world.

You’re serious about your mobile business communications, and you need a Bluetooth headset that’s up to the task. A headset that can deliver seamless, reliable multipoint communication in an increasingly noisy world. You need VoxStar. Only VoxStar gives you VXi’s proven noise-canceling technology that eliminates over 93% of background noise. Plus VoxStar has an adjustable boom for precise microphone placement, and wideband audio for natural, easy-to-understand sound. The on-the-ear wearing style and extremely light weight (only 0.6 oz.) make it convenient and practical for on-the-go use



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Professional communications. VoxStar’s noise-canceling and wideband audio minimize distractions and misunderstandings. Efficiency and value. With multipoint pairing and A2DP support, VoxStar is the one Bluetooth headset for every job. Flexible microphone boom for perfect mic placement. Multifunction button controls on/off, call answer/end and pairing. Wide range of speaker volume adjustments ensures you always hear the other side of the conversation. Voice prompts instead of mysterious “coded beeps”. Integrated USB charging port for convenient charging.