VXi UC ProSetâ„¢ 10

VXi UC ProSetâ„¢ 10

VXi UC ProSetâ„¢ 10

The VXi UC ProSetâ„¢ 10 monaural single-wire headset keeps one ear free to hear other conversations.

One look, and you know the VXi UC ProSet™ is different. The difference is obvious before you even put it on—it’s got unbeatable style. And when you experience its wideband audio and vastly superior noise canceling, and feel how truly comfortable it is, you'll understand that the VXi UC ProSet isn't just "best in class," it's in a class by itself. Its UC-ready design will save you money, too. Whether you already have a Unified Communications system in place, or are weighing your options, the VXi UC ProSet is ready when you are. Simply the best headset investment you can make, the VXi UC ProSet delivers the kind of performance and value you can only get from VXi.



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1 year


Wideband audio for clearer conversations and greater productivity. Superior noise canceling eliminates nearly 90% of background noise and improves communication. UC-ready to fit right into your Unified Communications strategy. Lightweight, attractive design is easy and comfortable to wear, all day long. High-quality durability stands up to all-day, every-day use. Interchangeability with other headset brands lets you maximize your existing equipment investment. Two models to choose from, monaural (one speaker) and binaural (two speakers).