VXI UC ProSet 21P Binaural Wideband Headset

VXI UC ProSet 21P Binaural Wideband Headset

VXI UC ProSet 21P Binaural Wideband Headset

The VXI UC ProSet 21P is a binaural headset that has been designed for use with Plantronics and P-series amplifiers and direct connect cords. The UC ProSet 21P combines wideband audio and superior noise cancelling for clearer conversations

The wideband audio of the VXI UC ProSet 21P provides clear, natural sound quality, reducing both misunderstandings and user fatigue. A superior noise-canceling microphone ensures that the caller’s voice is clearly heard, without distracting background noise. Combined, the wideband audio and superior noise canceling of the ProSet 21P help deliver more productive conversations. VXI UC ProSet headsets are constructed of high-quality materials that ensure it’s built to last and last, even with all-day, every-day use. The UC ProSet 21P has a lightweight, smart, ergonomic design that provides the user with all-day comfort and stability.



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Wideband audio for clearer conversations and greater productivity Superior noise canceling eliminates background noise and improves communication UC-ready to fit right into your Unified Communications strategy Lightweight, attractive design is easy and comfortable to wear, all day long High-quality durability stands up to all-day, every-day use Interchangeability with other headset brands lets you maximize your existing equipment investment