VXI Passport 21V-DC Binaural Headset

VXI Passport 21V-DC Binaural Headset

VXI Passport 21V-DC Binaural Headset

The VXI Passport 21V-DC Direct Connect Style binaural headset connects to a VXI-V lower QD Cord to work with most office desk phones. The Direct Connect style is for use with headset-ready phones that do not require an amplifier.

For headset-ready phones (no amplifier needed). Use with V-series direct connect cords (sold separately).The Passport 21 single-wire binaural headset is designed for contact center and office professionals. Passport headsets are used in many leading companies worldwide that depend on them for clear and consistent communications. The VXi Passport® series is designed to meet the constant demands of all-day use in contact centers and offices.



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1 year


Compatible with VXI QD cords and Y-cords Binaural 2 speaker design blocks out background noise Noise canceling microphone blocks background sounds from the other end of the line Durable components for long product life Adjustable ratchet headband won't slip out of place, provides secure, comfortable fit Flexible "gooseneck" microphone boom stays in position for consistent voice input level