VXI Passport 10G Monaural Headset

VXI Passport 10G Monaural Headset

VXI Passport 10G Monaural Headset

The VXI Passport 10G is a professional grade, noise canceling one-eared headset for contact center use. The Passport 10G works with all Passport G-series amplifiers and direct connect cords. It also work with existing GN Netcom/Jabra direct connect Cords that you may have.

The VXi Passport 10G monaural headset keeps one ear free to hear other conversations. VXI Passport headsets have a durable construction which means fewer repairs and less hassles. Unlike voice tubes, the noise canceling microphone of the Passport 10G blocks out the background sound of surrounding agents and you’ll never need to replace a tube again. High quality components ensure clear audio communication on both ends of the call.



Service & Support

1 year


Monaural (one speaker) model Single-wire design gives you a greater range of motion. Noise-canceling microphone filters out unwanted background noise, so you can more easily hear and be heard. Kink-free, highly flexible gooseneck boom lets you put the microphone where you need it. High-quality speakers deliver clear and consistent communications. Durable construction meets the constant demands of all-day use. Compatible with GN Netcom®/Jabra® direct connect cords.