Telematrix SP400 Business Telephone

Telematrix SP400 Business Telephone

Telematrix SP400 Business Telephone

This TeleMatrix Spectrum Plus Business Speakerphone offers all of the different features you would expect from quality business phones. It is ideal for small office/executive applications, and installation behind a POTS, PABX or Centrex telephone line. This is a line powered analong single line phone with 11 feature buttons. Protected by a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Single-Line Speakerphone Eleven (11) Programmable Feature Keys Large TouchLite Message Waiting Indicator/One-Touch Retrieval Key FreeSpeech Toggle between Handset, Headset & Speaker Redial, Flash, Hold, Disconnect, Mute, Headset On/Off Keys Compatible with POTS, PABX, or Centrex (Analog) „Soft Key Technology „SteelTrap Memory Technology - no batteries required



Service & Support

1 year

Advanced Features

Data Port Adjustable Index Card Stand On-Hook Pre-Dialing Feature Built-In Headset Amplier „Modular and 2.5mm Headset Connectivity Four audible ringing cadence options- user adjustable 8-Step Volume Bar for controlling Handset/Headset/Ringing Volume