snom MeetingPoint IP Conference Phone

snom MeetingPoint IP Conference Phone

snom MeetingPoint IP Conference Phone

The first VoIP conference telephone from snom, the snom MeetingPoint, is the ideal complement for everyone who frequently needs to make multilocation arrangements. The snom MeetingPoint allows you to have up to 4 parties at different locations all over the world attend your conference - without slow-mail delays and without costly travel expenses. Protect your travel budget and the environment at the same time! Of course, the snom MeetingPoint provides the additional comfort, that you would expect from snom: management of up to 4 external participants, LDAP, contact listings, possible snom Flexor CTI integration, excellent sound by OmniSound 2.0 etc. The snom MeetingPoint is perfectly qualified for use in medium to large conference rooms.

OmniSound full duplex wideband sound technology Management of up to 4 external participants Recording range up to 30 m^2 or 10 participants Simultaneous management of internal and external telephone listings (LDAP) Extra microphone connection for wider reception Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007 R2 ready Multiple SIP registrations Open VPN



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