snom 1713 DECT Repeater

snom 1713 DECT Repeater

snom 1713 DECT Repeater

A repeater is used when you need to extend the range of your cordless DECT telephone to include areas where reception was previously not available. The DECT Range Repeater is especially suited to be used together with the snom m3. All the usual mobile unit functions except for firmware update and central phone book are supported by the base station in this extended radio range.

For snom m3 wireless phones Range: 50 meters indoors, 100 meters outdoors 12 numerical keys, 5 navigation keys, 2 function keys Speakerphone on mobile handset Fully compatible with the DECT standard Dual internal antennas - doubles the range of snom M3 Basestation Plug-and-play installation Register up to six snom DECT Repeaters to one M3 Basestation



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