Nortel Norstar 0x32 Modular ICS KSU Refurbished (NT7B53)

Nortel Norstar 0x32 Modular ICS KSU Refurbished (NT7B53)

Nortel Norstar 0x32 Modular ICS KSU Refurbished (NT7B53)

Typically, the small site business market is made up of users who need communications systems with 3 to 150 telephones. A continued strong market is anticipated as customers replace their older communications systems to gain the powerful advantages of new applications. Norstar is the worldwide market leader in small site communications systems. The Norstar Modular ICS forms the foundation of Norstar’s continued success. The Modular ICS targets businesses that require between 20 and 150 telephones and capabilities which allow for more power, more growth and more advanced applications. The Norstar Modular ICS is a module and card-based system offering easy installation, maintenance, expansion and customization. The Modular ICS core unit is equipped with 32 station ports and two slots for the addition of T1 / ISDN-PRI, ISDN-BRI or analog trunk cards. Customers may grow this capacity as required by adding fiber station modules, fiber trunk modules and analog station modules, to a maximum capacity of 272 ports. Each Norstar core unit includes a power supply, an interface to connect outside lines and stations, and programmable memory. In addition, the Modular ICS has upgradable feature cards. Integrated applications include voice messaging, unified messaging, digital networking, enhanced call centers, speech recognition, internet access and more.

Basic configuration is 0x32 (0 lines x 32 extensions) Core unit has 2 slots for analog or digital trunk cards Expand the capacity of your system up to 272 ports Supports LS, CI, DID, E&M lines Supports T1, ISDN-PRI, ISDN-BRI digital services Integrates voice mail, call center applications and more Check voice and fax messages even on the road One emergency transfer port per analog trunk card Removable power supply in case of power failure



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