Nortel Meridian M2250 Attendant Console Refurbished

Nortel Meridian M2250 Attendant Console Refurbished

Nortel Meridian M2250 Attendant Console Refurbished

In business, the first point of contact with customers is often your telephone attendant. The ability of the attendant to efficiently and effectively guide callers through the organization can often mean the difference between a lasting customer and a lost sale. Meridian M2250’s advanced feature capabilities give attendants the flexibility they need to handle calls most effectively and features can be easily configured to support your company’s unique requirements. If telephones are not answered, callers can automatically be returned to the console, ending long holding times, cutoffs and abandoned calls. With the Meridian M2250, message-taking can be centralized at the console, freeing secretaries for other duties. Employees can be notified by an indicator on their telephones that messages are waiting, and lost or delayed messages are all but eliminated. The Meridian M2250 has been designed to be easy to use, and allows attendants to function at maximum efficiency without fatigue.

Up to 20 Trunk Group Keys with LCD indicators Up to 20 Incoming Call Identification Keys with LCD indicators 6 Loop Keys with LCD indicators 8 Function Keys provide full attendant console functionality 10 Programmable Keys support up to 20 additional features Built-in 4-line by 40-character display Non-glare, backlit LCD Contrast adjustment Tilt adjustment Scrollable to 128 characters



Service & Support

1 year



Advanced Features

A four-line, 40 character, liquid crystal display (LCD) with backlighting and adjustable viewing angle. Power, including backlighting, is maintained during building power failures through the system battery backup, if equipped. In shift mode, the M2250 can have up to 20 Trunk Group Busy keys. Up to 10 extra flexible feature keys (total of 20) in shift mode. An optional supporting stand that can be adjusted to nine different positions. A handset and headset volume adjustment slider control, situated below the dial pad. A physical connection to a serial data port through a subminiature D-type female connector on the console back wall. This permits connection of the console to the serial port of a personal computer. An optional Busy Lamp Field/Console Graphics Module (BLF/CGM), which displays the status of up to 150 consecutive extensions (SBLF) or any group of 100 extensions within the system (EBLF), and has many text and graphics capabilities. The M2250 provides for transmission level adjustment to meet international requirements by accepting and processing downloaded information from the system (when this messaging is supported in software). The transmission level can be adjusted to one of 16 different levels. Angle adjustment of the display screen, which can be tilted through 90° from horizontal to fully vertical. Scrolling control of lines 2 and 3 of the display screen. Multi-language selection. Menus for local console features (options menu) and diagnostics (diagnostics menu). Code-blue or emergency relay (associated with ICI 0). Time and date system download. Alert tone volume and frequency selection. Electret or carbon transmitter support. Power Fail Transfer switch. Keyclick.