Nortel Companion C3060 Telephone (Refurbished)

Nortel Companion C3060 Telephone (Refurbished)

Nortel Companion C3060 Telephone (Refurbished)

Nortel Companion C3060 Portable Telephones can be used with the Companion system. Each portable telephone has a unique identity that must be registered on the Controller, allowing only pre-authorized people to use the system. The C3060's combination of digital technology and noise-canceling microphone provide clean, clear audio quality indistinguishable from that of a desk telephone. With Companion, none of the interference, crackles or buzzes that can occur with cellular phones come between you and your conversation. New features on the C3060 handset compared to the Companion C3050 handset include the addition of three "soft" keys - programmable keys which can be set to dial your most commonly dialed numbers, extensions etc. Also, a new "Services Directory" allows you to store up to 15WCTI or PBX feature codes. A new "Loud Environment" mode adjusts the sound output when the volume is set to 9, 10 or 11 to make it easier to carry on a conversation when there is loud background noise.

New features compared to the Companion C3050: 3 "soft" programmable keys "Services Directory" - store up to 15WCTI or PBX feature codes "Loud Environment" mode - when volume is set to 9, 10, or 11, sound output adjusts to help conversations with loud background noise



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Advanced Features

The C3060 Portable Telephone can have its own number. Or, it can share the same telephone number with a desk telephone, so that when a call comes in, both phones will ring. People can start a conversation on one phone and easily switch to the other. The Companion C3060 is compact, lightweight and provides the same features you use on your regular office telephone, such as call forward, conferencing, and voice mail with message waiting indication, as well as Caller ID and other convenient features.