Nortel BCM 50 (4x8x2x2 IP with Voice Mail 8) Bundle (NTBU0971)

Nortel BCM 50 (4x8x2x2 IP with Voice Mail 8) Bundle (NTBU0971)

Nortel BCM 50 (4x8x2x2 IP with Voice Mail 8) Bundle (NTBU0971)

Business Communications Manager 50 is an all-in-one, affordable platform for converged voice and data communications for small to medium business with 3 to 20 stations, yet scalable to serve more than 40. With an easy-to-use and highly flexible architecture, the Business Communications Manager 50 enables small sites to benefit from convergence capabilities that were previously only available to much larger organizations. An ideal small business phone system, Nortel's Business Communications Manager 50 platform provides advanced capabilities, such as robust telephony features, voice messaging and unified messaging, IP networking, Internet / intranet access, contact centers with skills-based routing, IP telephony to users desktops, and an integrated router option for Ethernet or ADSL broadband access. Since the Business Communications Manager 50 is an integrated solution, you know these applications will work together. You won't get lost in a maze of stand-alone devices, software upgrades or a tangle of cabling - everything you need is right there in one compact unit that can be managed from a single, intuitive software application. For companies that have already made an investment in Norstar, Business Communications Manager platforms simultaneously support a choice of digital and IP telephone sets, so you can retain existing sets as you upgrade the core of your communications system, and you can converge services over IP in phases to fit your needs. This BCM 50 Bundle is initially configured at 4x8x2x2x8 (4 analog trunks, 8 digital stations, 2 analog stations, 2 IP stations, 8 voicemail boxes).

System is initially configured at 4x8x2x2 IP with VM8 Does not include phones Up to 2 expansion units can be added Each expansion unit allows 1 media bay module 3 RJ-45 LAN ports and a dedicated OA&M port System is capable of the following: 4 analog trunks 8 digital stations 2 analog stations 2 IP stations 8 voicemail boxes



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