Mitel 5340 IP Phone

Mitel 5340 IP Phone

Mitel 5340 IP Phone

The Mitel 5340 IP Phone is a new generation telephone that provides voice communication over an IP network. It can be customized to a specific user, but can also be used by any employee in the enterprise. It features a large, backlit graphics display, 48 programmable multifunction self-labeling keys and provides users with real-time access to applications and services. HTML applications can be developed to run on the 5340 IP Phone without an external server – providing cost-effective, intuitive customization for unique requirements such as launching an application, or displaying specific information integral to the user or business. The 5340 IP Phone is ideal for any enterprise employee, including executives, teleworkers, Hot Desk users, and Contact Center agents or supervisors. The Mitel 5340 IP Phone provides 48 self-labeling, programmable keys, to suit any needs of any user. The backlit display and context-sensitive softkeys as well as intuitive navigation keys add to the usability, proving the 5340 IP Phone is the “one size fits all” desktop phone. Whatever your requirements, customization is easy and cost effective with the 5340 IP Phone’s HTML desktop tool. You can launch an application, create a screen saver, or display database information – all accomplished easily and quickly to address the needs of unique customers. The 5300 Series IP Phones have been designed to provide superior sound quality. Wideband Audio is a standard feature on our 5340 IP Phone, and it comes equipped with a wideband audio handset (7Khz), as well as full duplex handsfree, making it acoustically superior to many IP phones available today.

Large backlit graphics display (160 x 320) 48 programmable keys 13 fixed function keys 6 context-sensitive softkeys Handsfree speakerphone operation (full duplex) Wideband audio support Peripherals and modules support HTML Desktop Toolkit Icon button labeling for global markets Language support Hearing-aid-compatible (HAC) handset Secure voice communication PC Companion Application Dual Mode ready – supports Mitel IP (MiNET) and SIP protocols



Service & Support

1 year



Advanced Features

Large backlit graphics display (160 x 320) with auto-dimming 48 programmable, multi-function, self-labeling keys, provided in three pages of 16 keys each Wideband Audio Support – ships with a wideband handset (7kHz) standard Peripherals and modules support: Line Interface Module, IP Conference Unit, Wireless LAN Stand, Gigabit Ethernet Stand HTML Desktop Toolkit included for Applications development Thirteen fixed function keys: Hold, Settings, Message, Speaker, Mute, Transfer / Conference, Redial, Cancel, Volume / Ringing / Contrast Up & Down, Home Page, Previous Page, Next Page Six context-sensitive softkeys for intuitive feature access Handsfree speakerphone operation (full duplex) Icon button labeling for global markets Language support: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch Hearing-aid-compatible (HAC) handset (meets American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements) and HAC compliance for magnetic coupling to approved HAC hearing aids Secure voice communication enabled by encryption PC Companion Application for easy user programming and key labeling supports Teleworker, ACD and Hot Desking Dual Mode ready – supports Mitel IP (MiNET) and SIP protocols

Dimensions & Weight

Size (LxWxH): 9.5 x 8 x 4.5 in Weight: 2.8 lbs


Multiple power options, including Power over Ethernet Accepts standards-based (IEEE 802.3af) power over the LAN via spare pair to signal pair, or supports 48 VDC Ethernet / AC Power wall adapter.