Minuteman SNMP-NV6 Interface Card

Minuteman SNMP-NV6 Interface Card

Minuteman SNMP-NV6 Interface Card

The SNMP-NV6 card is one of the most feature-rich and secure network interface cards available for management and control of a UPS on a LAN. Compatible with the EnterprisePlus, Endeavor, and PRO-RT Series, the SNMP-NV6 can be configured to monitor the status of a UPS and issues command from any accessible workstation on a network. Access to the card can be made either through an NMS using SMNP protocols or through HTTP(s) using most industry-standard web browsers. The bundled SNMP management software, which is compatible with various popular operating systems, can automatically search and link multiple SNMP-NV6 cards throughout the network and communicate with them via the SNMP protocol. The software is designed to retrieve information from the UPS and can execute commands in response to events and alarms generated by the SNMP-NV6 card, including the automatic graceful shutdown computer systems to prevent the abnormal power off of hosts, servers or workstations due to power-related events. Protected by a 3-year manufacturer limited warranty.

Network connection through RJ45 connector Network UPS management IPv6 Capability Versatile Communications Supports SYSLOG Configurable Event Alarm Levels Adjustable Low Battery Warning Alarm Batch Configurations and Upgrades Remote UPS monitoring via SNMP, HTTP Configure UPS and system functions from any client Event logs & Metering data stored in the EEPROM Multiple server shutdown User notification via SNMP Traps and e-mail through SMTP


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