Minuteman PRO700E PRO-E Series UPS

Minuteman PRO700E PRO-E Series UPS

Minuteman PRO700E PRO-E Series UPS

The Minuteman PRO-E Series of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) from Para Systems delivers complete protection from electrical problems - spikes, surges, sags, brownouts and blackouts. PRO-E models are amazingly compact and take up little space on a desktop or under a console. The PRO700E unit provides an ample power source for a computer, monitor and other attached devices with four battery backup outlets with surge protection and two surge-only outlets. Each PRO-E model has enhanced features from its predecessors like built-in automatic voltage regulation (AVR) technology to provide a double-boost to incoming AC during low voltage situations in addition to singlebuck which trims the AC during a high voltage situation, preserving vital battery backup power for blackouts, and extending the life of the batteries. Unlike some competitive models, the PRO-E model includes independent battery bypass which allows it to provide AVR and surge and spike protection with weak or even dead batteries without dropping the load from utility AC power. Other features include adjustable input and output voltage ranges for AC mode and on-battery voltage to allow a steady 120 or 127 volts via DIP switches on the back of each PRO-E model. Each unit also includes protection for either a network or a phone line to keep damaging AC surges and spikes from entering through those pathways. Protected by a 3-year manufacturer limited warranty.

Outlets: 6 Input: 120VAC Output: 120VAC Capacity: 700VA/490W Line-interactive UPS, step-simulated sine-wave output


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