Minuteman PRO1500LCD PRO-LCD Series UPS

Minuteman PRO1500LCD PRO-LCD Series UPS

Minuteman PRO1500LCD PRO-LCD Series UPS

The PRO-LCD Series of UPSs is an upgrade of the PRO-E line of UPS units. The PRO-LCD Series offers complete protection from all electrical problems, including spikes, surges, sags, brownouts, and blackouts, while occupying little desktop or floor space. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology stabilizes power without the use of the internal batteries. The unit boosts incoming AC power during low voltage situations while reducing incoming utility power during high voltage situations, preserving vital battery power for backup during blackouts and extending the life of the batteries. The PRO-LCD features many upgrades from previous generations, including an LCD status display. The PRO1500LCD is a 1500VA/1050W 120 VAC line interactive UPS designed for desktop or floor mounting. Protected by a 3-year manufacturer limited warranty.

Back-up time - full load: 7.9 minutes Back-up time - half load: 17.8 minutes Outlets: 8 Input: 120VAC Output: 120VAC Capacity: 1500VA/1050W Line-interactive UPS, simulated sine-wave output LCD status display


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