Minuteman EDBP6000RM Battery Pack

Minuteman EDBP6000RM Battery Pack

Minuteman EDBP6000RM Battery Pack

The Endeavor 6kVA UPS uses a battery pack (EDBP6000RM) that contains sealed, non-spillable, maintenance free, value regulated, lead acid batteries. The UPS module does not have internal batteries. Typical recharge time for the battery pack is 8 hours from total discharge. The battery pack contains (20) 12V 7.2Ah batteries. Runtime at full load is 9 minutes. At half load the runtime is 23 minutes. Each battery pack module (EDBP6000RM) occupies 3U in rack height and requires a control module (ED6200RM) to operate. Multiple battery packs can be daisy chained. Only one receptacle box can be attached to a battery pack module. Battery packs are charged through the main UPS. Protected by a 3-year manufacturer limited warranty.

External battery pack required for ED6200RM UPS User replaceable battery? Yes No. of internal batteries: 20 Replacement battery description: 12V7.2AH Rack height: 3U Daisy-chainable for extended runtime


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