Minuteman CPE1000 CPE Series UPS

Minuteman CPE1000 CPE Series UPS

Minuteman CPE1000 CPE Series UPS

The CPE is a sophisticated yet affordable single-phase UPS system. It offers on-line technology and a wide input voltage range to provide a constant clean, steady sine wave to protected equipment, even without going to battery mode. It can instantly switch to battery, and its battery management system and easy, swappable battery packs make maintenance trouble free. The Minuteman CPE1000 is a 1000VA/700W 120 VAC true on-line, double-conversion, extended runtime UPS designed for critical, power-sensitive electronic environments. Protected by a 3-year manufacturer limited warranty.

Back-up time - full load: 7.6 minutes Back-up time - half load: 19.0 minutes Outlets: 4 Input: 80 - 140 VAC Output: 100/110/115/120 VAC Output Capacity: 1000VA/700W True On-line, double conversion technology perfect for power sensitive equipment and applications True sine wave output


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