Avaya 4622SW CallMaster IP Phone

Avaya 4622SW CallMaster IP Phone

Avaya 4622SW CallMaster IP Phone

In bustling contact centers where customer requests arrive every minute of every day, the telephone must be much more than a communication device. In addition to being the link between customer and company, it must deliver exceptional customer service, maximize agent performance and comfort, and enable supervisors to meet contact center performance goals. The Avaya 4622SW IP CallMaster agent telephone is engineered to help your contact center agents maximize their productivity and performance. Integrates with IP Office and Avaya Communication Manager.

24 programmable feature keys w/LED 12 line/feature keys 4 soft keys Conference, transfer, hold, redial keys Large, backlit display (168 x 132) 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Connection Dual headset jacks Personalized ringing patterns



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With an extremely large, backlit display, the 4622SW IP CallMaster telephone provides more capabilities than conventional digital or IP phones and takes up less desktop space than most agent telephones. It’s sleek, contemporary design also complements the latest general office telephones, such as the Avaya 4600 Series IP phones that you may be using elsewhere in your enterprise. Best of all, as part of the portfolio of Avaya Contact Center solutions, the Avaya 4622SW IP CallMaster telephone supports features that will help your agents deliver world-class service to customers and other callers. Features That Are Flexible and Easy to Use The Avaya 4622SW IP CallMaster telephone’s features will help your agents handle each call with ease. For instance, the telephone can support multiple contact center splits, skills and personal calls. And with a large, backlit display, the 4622SW is ideal for viewing VuStat information as well as custom call management system reports. The Avaya 4622SW IP CallMaster telephone has fixed buttons for common features that agents use frequently: conference, transfer, hold, and redial. With optional voice messaging, a message waiting indicator alerts agents to messages left by callers, other agents and supervisors. Additionally, the 24 programmable feature keys can give agents one-touch access to a choice of contact center features such as: - Log in — to log in to the contact center - Log out — to exit the contact center - Release — to disconnect from an active call - Supervisor Assist — to conference in a supervisor - After Call Work — to delay receiving a new call while completing previous call-related work - Stroke Count — to keep an event tally, using up to nine buttons the agent can preset - Alert — to report an emergency or malicious call Controls That Help Meet Each Agent’s Needs The Avaya 4622SW IP CallMaster has features designed specifically for agent comfort and control which further enhance productivity. For example: - For individual preference and comfort, dual headset jacks allow agents to connect a headset via a modular plug. The second jack enables a supervisor to easily listen in, for training or observation. - To distinguish his or her telephone from others in a shared workspace, each agent can select from among eight personalized ringing patterns. - For easy access, a button to control volume is on the face of the 4622SW to allow agents to adjust both ringing and receiver/listening volumes. Delivering Valuable Data to Your Agents You can use the Avaya 4622SW IP telephone’s large backlit display to provide agents with VuStats data — real time contact center performance statistics for agents, splits, skills, vector directory numbers (VDNs), trunks, and trunk groups. This information can help agents understand and improve their own performance and that of the entire contact center. Additionally as an IP telephone, 4622SW is ideally suited to run phone applications, such as those included with the Avaya Phone Application Suite Solution: - Broadcast Server – broadcast of text, graphics, and audio to the displays of the 4622SW telephones in the center - Text Messaging – text instant messaging between IP phones An IP Telephone That Leverages the Benefits of Converged Networks The 4622SW is an IP telephone that provides a significant number of features and capabilities not available with traditional digital phones. The 4622SW, in conjunction with Avaya Communication Manager Release 3.0, provides audio channel encryption, helping to ensure optimum security in your contact center environment. A variety of power options are available for the 4622SW, including local power and the 802.3af power over Ethernet standard. A variety of audio codecs are supported in the 4622SW — including the G.726A codec — providing similar audio quality as G.711 codecs but requiring much less network bandwidth. The 4622SW supports 10/100 base T Ethernet connections along with an additional integrated switch port — ideal for PC connectivity at the agents desktop. The 4622SW supports the Avaya Converged Network Analyzer administrative tool. Integrated With Your Systems and Locations The Avaya 4622SW IP CallMaster is compatible with Avaya Communication Manager Release 2.0 or later. Agents who need the convenience of working at home can get the same sophisticated features as on-site call center agents. The telephone is FCC Class B certified for home use with an Avaya Security Gateway VPN device. With high speed, broadband service into the home, this provides a communi-cations setup identical to that within the formal call center. The 4622SW provides built-in support for multiple languages and character sets including English, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Hebrew. The 4622SW is designed to meet connectivity environments for use all over the world.