Avaya 4424D+ Digital Telephone Refurbished

Avaya 4424D+ Digital Telephone Refurbished

Avaya 4424D+ Digital Telephone Refurbished

Avaya 4400 series digital telephones deliver high-quality, efficient voice communications with advanced digital interfaces and a range of programmable feature keys. The 4400 series telephones allow you to take advantage of the latest communications capabilities, helping improve the efficiency and productivity of your organization and simplifying the flow of information. Integrates with IP Office.

2-line x 24-character LCD display 24 programmable line/feature buttons 4 navigation keys for browsing feature menus and programming Dedicated headset jack Displays Caller ID and internal extension information Provides such features as hold, transfer, conference, redial, and mute Built-in 2-way speakerphone



Service & Support

1 year



Key Features & Benefits

Note: 4400 series sets are only supported on Expansion Modules on the IP Office 500. The 4400 series sets are therefore supported only with IP Office 500 Professional Edition. The 4400 series telephones deliver voice quality and all of the basic features that you need for efficient communications, including: - Fixed feature keys: Speaker, Mute, Conference, Transfer, Redial, Hold, Volume Up/Down - 8 menu/display navigation keys - Up to 24 programmable (DSS) feature keys with LED - 2-line display - Message waiting indicator - 2-way handsfree speakerphone - Hearing aid compatibility - Optional wall mounting/desk stand - DSS port to support up to 2 DSS4450 expansion units Format: Digital telephone System Requirements: Any IP Office platform. Note: Maximum 16 supported on any single Digital Station 16 or 30 (V2) User Requirements: N/A Fixed Feature Keys: 8 Programmable Feature Keys: 24 Menu/Display Navigation Keys: 8 Speakerphone (two way): Yes Display Size (lines x characters): 2x24 Expansion Unit Port (DSS port): Yes

Feature Detail

- Absent Text - Account Codes - Auto-Answer - Automatic Call Distribution - Busy Lamp Field - Bridged Appearance - Call Appearance - Call Bearing - Call Coverage - Call Forwarding - Call History - Call Intrude - Call Park - Call Pickup - Call Queue - Call Steal - Call Timer - Call Transfer - Call Waiting - Callback - Caller Display - Clear Call Waiting - Conference Calls - Dial Ahead - Dial Emergency - Dial On Pickup (Hotline) - Distinctive Ringing - Do Not Disturb - Exceptions - Extension Password Change - E911 - Follow Me Here - Follow Me To - Forward on Busy - Forward on No Answer - Forward on On Hook Dialing - Forward to Specified Number - Forward Unconditional - Group In-Out - Group Paging-Make-Receive - Hands-free Speech - Headset Capability - Hold - Hot Desking - Hot Transfer - Least Cost Routes - Line Appearance - Lock - Login - Meet Me Conference - Message - Message Waiting Light - Monitor Calls - Multi Language - Mute - Night Service - Park - Queuing a Transferred Call to a Busy Extension - Record a Call - Redial - Relay On-Off Pulse - Ring Back When Free - Soft Key Labeling - Speed Dialing - Suspend Call Waiting - Suspend-Resume - Time-Date - Toggle Calls - Voicemail Collect - Voicemail On-Off - Voicemail Ringback On-Off - Volume Adjustment