Algo 4102 Digital AuxBox

Algo 4102 Digital AuxBox

Algo 4102 Digital AuxBox

The 4102 Digital AuxBox is a professional quality desktop call recording solution for Nortel digital telephones on a Norstar, Business Communication Manager (BCM), Meridian 1 or CS 1000 system. Telephone conversations are stored as call records on a customer supplied PC using Algo's Client Call Recorder (CCR) single-user software provided with each unit. Alternatively, Algo's Enterprise Call Recorder (ECR) software is available for multi-user applications. Algo's recording software allows call records to be easily played back through a PC. Call records may be emailed for quick and easy sharing of telephone conversations to facilitate quality monitoring, training or distribution of key information. Call records can be easily searched, sorted, retrieved or moved for quick and efficient archive management.

Automatic or on-demand call recording WAV or compressed WMA audio format Call display information recorded Call duration, date and time Call record, move, email and copy functions Task bar flashing indicator when recording Call record storage management Relay outputs for ring, message waiting, in-use



Service & Support

1 year




Adapter included; 24Vdc 200mA, Class II