Aastra Model 9417CW Analog Phone (Refurbished)

Aastra Model 9417CW Analog Phone (Refurbished)

Aastra Model 9417CW Analog Phone (Refurbished)

When you’re looking for convenience, the 9417CW gives you twice as much. Two separate lines are ideal for people who work at home, share lines with an associate, or who need to be accessible while working on-line. The 9417CW’s Call Director/Fax Switch, combined with Distinctive Ringing service from your service provider, lets you know if the incoming call is business, personal, or a fax — and routes the call for you. With a Conference key to link the two lines, three-way calls are fast and simple. In addition to two lines, the 9417CW has a large three-line backlit display so you can easily see who’s calling, even at night. If you’re on another call, Call Waiting Display gives you the information you need to decide which call is more important — the one you’re on, or the one that’s waiting.

Two lines with station conferencing of Line 1 and Line 2 100-name and number Call Log Speakerphone with Mute 100-name and number downloadable Directory Alphanumeric entry of name into memory keys or Directory Preferred Name Match Call Director/Fax Switch Secure Numbers feature CLASS/Voltage Message Waiting indicator



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