Aastra Model 9316CW Analog Phone (Refurbished)

Aastra Model 9316CW Analog Phone (Refurbished)

Aastra Model 9316CW Analog Phone (Refurbished)

The 9316CW takes the mystery out of who’s calling. Equipped for Caller ID and Call Waiting Display, the 9316CW shows you who’s calling, even when you’re on another call. The adjustable three line, backlit display provides all caller information on one screen for “at a glance” viewing. The LINK key lets you switch between calls without worry of accidentally disconnecting a caller. And the 50 name and number Call Log keeps a record of all your incoming calls. Outgoing calls are easy, too, with the 9316CW. On-hook dialing and a high quality speakerphone mean you can make calls without ever picking up the receiver. Program the memory keys with frequently called numbers or feature codes, like your Voice Mail access number. The Secure Numbers feature protects your privacy by letting you enter passwords or personal codes without revealing them on the display.

Caller ID and Call Waiting Display 50-name and number Call Log Speakerphone with Mute 50-name and number Directory Alphanumeric entry of name into memory keys or Directory Preferred Name Match Secure Numbers feature CLASS/Voltage Message Waiting indicator



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