Aastra Model 470 Screenphone (NEW)

Aastra Model 470 Screenphone (NEW)

Aastra Model 470 Screenphone (NEW)

Introducing the Aastra 470, an entry level screen phone that provides a great combination of features in a business screen phone design. The Aastra 470 offers Call Display and Visual Call Waiting to let you know who is calling even when you are already on line. The large display provides "at a glance" information without having to "toggle" to another screen for basic caller information. The screen is also useful when reviewing entries in the 50 Name and Number Callers List and 50 Name and Number Directory. In addition, the Aastra 470 has a unique on screen directory function that displays up to six directory entries at a time that can be speed dialed using the "softkeys". No need to try and write names on little paper labels. And you can change the directory listings as often as you want. When making and receiving calls, the Speakerphone and Headset features provide advanced flexibility and options to meet your needs. On screen options allow for seamless transfer of a call from the handset to the speakerphone or an external headset. And, a five number redial function provides efficient redialing of a previously called number. Compatible with most business telephone systems, and offering a variety of additional features, Model 470 may very well be the solution you are looking for. The Aastra 470 by Aastra Telecom - a "valuable" business tool.

Large eight-line backlit display Six display keys Contrast control Call Display and Visual Call Waiting Flash (Link, Switch or Answer) for Call Waiting Speakerphone with mute 50-name and number Callers, Directory lists Enhanced headset interface Desk or wall mountable English/French/Spanish language prompts



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