Aastra 9480i IP Phone (NEW)

Aastra 9480i IP Phone (NEW)

Aastra 9480i IP Phone (NEW)

The Aastra 9480i offers advanced features and security in a standards based, carrier-grade IP screen telephone. Equipped with an 8 line backlit display screen, 6 context sensitive softkeys, full-duplex speakerphone, group paging, support for up to 9 calls simultaneously and XML browser capability, the 9480i will appeal to those requiring advanced SIP and XML features in a traditional screen phone design. The 9480i is ideally suited for moderate to heavy telephone users who require more one touch feature keys and XML based programs.

Up to 9 lines with call appearances Multi-proxy support Distinctive ringing, priority alerting XML support for productivity enhancing applications Personal directory Call forward Call transfer Call waiting Call timer



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1 year