Aastra 390 Single Line Analog Screenphone (NEW)

Aastra 390 Single Line Analog Screenphone (NEW)

Aastra 390 Single Line Analog Screenphone (NEW)

While it is affordable as many other telephones, the Vista 390 is far from ordinary. When it comes to making calls, the Vista 390’s large display screen makes a world of difference. Save up to 200 numbers in your Directory for fast, easy dialing. Place calls without lifting the receiver. With six “softkeys” that provide different options based on activity, the Vista 390 provides step-by-step instructions and menus for ease of use. Subscribe to network services like Call Display and Visual Call Waiting, and you’ll see the caller’s name and number before you answer. Even if you’re on another call, the Vista 390’s display shows who’s waiting. You’ll never have to flip through pages of information to use the features. The Vista 390’s menus remove all the frustration via screen displays and soft keys. All this plus the exceptional quality of Aastra. The Vista 390 is nothing short of extraordinary.

Call Display and Visual Call Waiting Speakerphone with Mute 100-name and number Callers Log 200-name and number Directory Large eight-line backlit display with six display keys Ten-number redial Flash key, Options key, Goodbye key, Copy key Multi-function indicator light On-hook dialing Current date and time display Contrast control for display window Ringer and receiver volume controls Desk or wall mount



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