Bogen TU35A Public Address Amplifier

Bogen TU35A Public Address Amplifier

Bogen TU35A Public Address Amplifier

Bogen TU-A Series Public Address Amplifiers are versatile, professional-quality wall or rack-mounting amplifiers. This model is rated at 35 watts. Three 600-ohm telephone lines may be connected to the unit, each with an individual volume control. Channel one on all models accepts a low-impedance (150 ohm) microphone or a 600-ohm line. Channels two and three provide transformer-isolated inputs. Additionally, channel three may be muted for special announcements over another channel. All models provide separate volume controls for each channel, and a master volume control to set the overall level of the mixed inputs. Separate bass and treble controls permit adjustments of tonal value. Protected by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Power output: 35 watts Distortion at rated output power: Less than 5%, 100 to 5,000 Hz Frequency response: 70 to 12,000 Hz +/- 2dB Sensitivity: Aux: .07V; Line: -20dBm 600 ohm; Mic: 350 uV Inputs: Channel 1: Bal Lo-Z Mic or 600-ohm bal telephone line; Channel 2: Hi-Z Aux or 600-ohm bal telephone line, transformer-isolated; Channel 3: Hi-Z Aux or 600-ohm bal telphone line, transformer isolated Outputs: 25V, 25V CT, 70V lines, 16 ohms; balanced or unbalanced Precedence: Standard on input #3 (requires contact closure to mute channel)



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