Bogen TG4C Multiple Tone Generator

Bogen TG4C Multiple Tone Generator

Bogen TG4C Multiple Tone Generator

The Model TG4C Multiple Tone Generator is a compact, reliable unit designed to generate four distinct signals: pulsed tone; slow whoop; repeating chime; and steady tone. It is an excellent source for alarm or pre-announce signals in public address or telephone paging systems. The TG4C will accept a Hi-Z input from a program source, such as a tuner, turntable, CD player, etc., and will maintain precedence over the program material for the duration of the contact closure. Protected by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

4 types of tones: steady, pulsed alarm, slow whoop, and chime Tones triggered by external contact closure (momentary or long duration) Choice of continuous or two-burst tone (except for steady tone) Tone generation reset available Adjustable tone level and pitch Operates on 12 - 48V DC, positive or negative ground Built-in precedence over interconnected program source



Service & Support

1 year


Silver Gray

Advanced Features

Accessory AC adapter (Model PRS40C) available for operation from a 120V AC, 60 Hz source 600-ohm output Line-matching transformer (Model WMT1A) available for standard 600-ohm telephone line connections Screw terminal connections